DIA Explorer (web)

DIA” means the “Distribution of Ion Acceptance” which is the spatial resolved ion signal detected by a mass spectrometer. While our investigation of actual atmospheric pressure ion sources, our group generated a large amount of experimental DIA data.

To analyze and visualize those datasets, we developed the DIA Explorer, an desktop application which allows the arbitrary selection of measurements in the space of seven independent measurement parameters (gas flows, gas temperatures and electric potentials in the ion source). 

To allow the simple sharing of the gathered data we created this little project, the “DIA Explorer for the web”. It allows the simple browsing trough sets of DIA measurements to visualize the influences of the ion source parameters on the DIA without the need to get familliar with a relatively complex application like the original DIA Explorer. 

Actually the project is in a relatively early state, but we have provided some exemplary experimental and simulated DIA data on the DIA explorer website: 


For details of the experimental DIA measurement, see our JASMS paper (from 2008) , the dissertation of Matthias Lorenz (in german) or my own theses (in german).

Details of the numerical simulation of DIA will be published in a upcoming JASMS paper (in press).